Tuesday, February 22, 2005


Kansas Board Changes the Rules in the Middle of the Game

The six-member creationist majority on the Kansas Board of Eduction has decided to go around the existing curriculum development process to create a "Science Hearings" sub-committee composed exclusively of conservatives -- no moderates allowed.

This rump body is designed to provide a forum for the Intelligent Design creationists to present the "evidence" for their Proposals to the state science writing committee.

Jack Krebs, of Kansas Citizens for Science reports that on February 15, Dr. Steve Case, chairperson of the science writing committee, received an email from Bill Harris, leader of the ID creationist contingent on the writing committee, proposing an elaborate procedure for the “Science Hearings.”

This proposal, essentially proposes a “trial” with witnesses, cross-examination, and so on that would allow them as many as ten full days to present their ID creationist arguments in public.

The proposal is clearly a product of lawyer John Calvert, head of the Intelligent Design network who has been retained as counsel and spokesperson for the ID creationists. KCFS urges you to read the entire proposed procedures at here.

Last Friday, Dr. Case replied. The full text of his reply is here. In his letter, Case suggests the Board take a survey of all institutions in the state concerning the extent to which the Intelligent Design creationists’ concerns adequately reflect science as it is taught in those institutions. In particular, he asks that the Board gather responses to these questions:
Will the Board repy? Red State Rabble suspects they won't, at least not until after they've consulted John Calvert and received their marching orders.


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