Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Deja Vu All Over Again

Martha Raffaele of The Associated Press reports that,
"The debate over whether a school district should require students to hear a statement about "intelligent design" is spilling over into this year's school board election. Two Dover Area School District board members who have resigned in protest of the policy say they plan to circulate nominating petitions for the May 17 primary election. A plaintiff in a federal lawsuit against the district is also expected to make a bid for the board. The district is believed to be the only one in the nation to require students to hear about intelligent design - a concept that holds that the universe is so complex, it must have been created by an unspecified guiding force.
School administrators read a statement about intelligent design to ninth-grade biology classes for the first time in January before teachers began their lessons on the theory of evolution."
Kind of reminds you of Kansas in 1999, doesn't it? Read the rest here.


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