Monday, February 14, 2005


Creationists Take Command

Lost, last week, in all the uproar over Phill Kline and the consevative school board members meeting secretly -- and in violation of the open meetings act -- were the stories about how the board plans to short circut the public hearings process and set up a rump three-member "Science Hearing Committee" made up of exclusively of board creationists Steve Abrams, Kathy Martin, and Connie Morris.
In a posting last week, I noted that John Calvert, the Intelligent Design Network guru, seemed unhappy during the first hearing in Kansas City, Kansas. I speculated that he was not pleased with the performance of his own supporters who spoke not to ID but to their ferverently held belief in the creationist story told in Genesis:

"It's hardly surprising, that the biblical literalists who are the backbone of the movement haven't mastered the fine points of ID "theory" since they haven't bothered to learn the difference between a fact, a theory, or a hypothesis either."
Now we have solid evidence that Calvert was indeed dismayed at his troops failure to get with the game plan, and that the new tack taken by the board is a direct result of his criticisms in a commentary posted on the Discovery Institute's web site:

"One thing is obvious," Calvert writes, "This is not the proper process for deciding this issue. Focused hearings from experts are desperately needed to cut through the disinformation, ridicule and half truths."

Jack Krebs of Kansas Citizens for Science has an excellent post that goes into all the juicy details.


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