Saturday, February 26, 2005


Connie Morris: Better Than The Daily Show

Josh Rosenau over at Thoughts From Kansas has a source who obtained a tape of the Connie Morris performance at the BOE science sub-committee meeting last Wednesday. Red State Rabble was there and we heard it for ourselves, but we assure you that John Stewart and the cast of the "Daily Show" couldn't have done it better than our Connie. If you want to hear the brain trust behind intelligent design on the board in action, you really should ask Josh to send you a copy.

You can also read Red State Rabble's report from the meeting, here.

BTW, Thoughts From Kansas has done a little more digging on its own into the incestuous campaign finance relationships between Kansas BOE members and Phill Kline.
"It's also nice of Steve Abrams, John Bacon, and Ken Willard to contribute to Phill Kline's campaign. It's possible that other Board members contributed to Kline through family members. Anyone know Connie Morris's husband's name? Is it George, who gave $200? Is Kathy Martin married to Douglas Martin, donor of 400?"
For background on contributors to right-wing Kansas board candidates look at Red State Rabble's earlier post here.


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