Thursday, February 17, 2005


Cheap Tuxedo

KMBC's Mike Mahoney waded into the waters riled up by the Kansas tsunami over intelligent design last night. You can read his report here. For now, here are the juicier bits:

"... the intelligent design advocates charge science cannot prove the natural origin of life. 'Why is anybody spending time on this? Why are they spending money and devoting careers to this? For what purpose, when 50 years of experiments show it didn't work?' Harris asked.

"'Would that kind of attitude have led us to antibiotics? Would that have led us to genetic breakthrough that have led us to better crops?" Wiley asked. Wiley believes the intelligent design advocates have a hidden agenda for Kansas classrooms. 'I think intelligent design is just creationism dressed up in a cheap tuxedo,' Wiley said."

Dr. William Harris is a member of the minority of the science writing committee who supports intelligent design. He is an MD who teaches at UMKC's School of Medicine, and a medical researcher. Dr. Edward Wiley is at KU's Natural History Museum.


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