Thursday, February 17, 2005


A Call to Action

Kansas Citizens for Science is asking supporters of REAL science to go to the Kansas Department of Education website and make a comment opposing the anti-scientific revisions of intelligent design minority on the science standards writing committee, their fundamentalist supporters on the board of education, and in the legislature.

KCFS, which has been fighting the good fight for years now, observes that "one part of the state Board's recent Resolution concerning the science standards was to "collect comments from the public regarding the various proposed changes to the Science Curriculum Standards, either contained within the Science Curriculum Standards Draft or contained within the Minority Report." KSDE has set up a web page where one can offer comments on either or both of these.

"Furthermore, the Resolution instructed KSDE to "make the raw data available to the members of the Board, and will deliver to the KSBE a report that will organize the data into categories of (a) how many respondents were within Kansas; (b) the number of respondents that generally supported and generally opposed the various areas of input."

"We recommend that you make short, firm statements - most of what they will be doing is counting responses. Include both a comment for the Science Curriculum Standards Draft and one against the Intelligent Design/creationist Proposals (Minority Report). Be sure to include your credentials, such as scientist, science educator, parent, businessperson, and so on. Note also that even though they will separating in-state from out-of-state responses, out-of-state responses are important because they show that the nation has its eyes on Kansas."

Red State Rabble readers: It's time to take up the cudgel and fight for what we believe. Use the link and make a comment.


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