Monday, January 31, 2005


Pandora's box

The Kansas State Board of Education, with a 6-4 majority supporting intelligent design, may well vote soon to replace existing, naturalistic definitions of science with what ID proponents like to call a "traditional" or theistic definition. ID proponents who are a minority on the science standards writing committee told the board in a letter last December that cause-and-effect laws such as physics and chemistry aren't adequate to account for all phenomena.
It may well be impossible to reason with the board -- all of the six members who support intelligent design, including many who supported so-called creation science in the 1999 go around -- accepted large campaign donations from the Free Academic Inquiry and Research political action committee that funnels money to anti-science right-wingers, but Kansans may well want to reflect on at least two of the possible outcomes of that vote:

We may all laugh, but spend a minute trying to elaborate a principle that differentiates between the teleology of the biblical literaliststs and the beliefs of the witches and wiccans. The truth is, adopting the revisions proposed by the ID proponents who are a minority on the standards committee but a majority of the board will open a Pandora's Box of unforseen, and unintended consequences.


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