Tuesday, August 07, 2007


The Legion of the Credulous

The Weekly World News, which bills itself as "the world's only reliable newspaper," will cease publication Aug. 27. When you navigate your shopping cart through the checkout lane at your local supermarket, you'll no longer be tantalized by Weekly World headlines such as: "Gramps, 82, Arrested for Twitching! Cops Thought he was Picking up a Hooker,'' "Spirit-chasing Priest Saves Girl Possessed by Space Creature,'' and our personal favorite, "Frog Baby Born in Kansas."

Weekly World News will maintain a web presence, but we fear it will have a difficult time competing against that stalwart of Christian fundamentalism, and right-wing wackiness, WorldNetDaily.

WND supplements its coverage of the latest developments in Creation science and intelligent design theory with such stories as: "Christian Mayor Rejects 'Gay' Flag on Town Hall" (he's aware the decision isn't popular, but must abide by biblical convictions), "NAFTA Superhighway Traffic Tied to Minn. Bridge Collapse (there's no issue that can't be tied to immigration), and "The 30-minute Diabetes Cure?! "(Why spend a lifetime on insulin or metformin?).

Is there really room on the web for Bigfoot and biblical dinosaurs, alien abduction and science destruction, miracle cures and miraculous creations?

Well, of course there is. The credulous are legion.


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