Thursday, July 12, 2007


All of the above

Do you find Ken Ham's Kentucky Creation Museum:
  1. Bizarre

  2. Biblically Inaccurate

  3. Scientifically Unsound

  4. All of the above

More than half of the people who answered a Campaign to Defend the Constitution survey of 800 likely voters from across the country said all of the above.

The survey choices were, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer: "Literal Word of God," "Biblically accurate," "Bizarre," "Biblically inaccurate," "Scientifically unsound" and "Not sure."

According to DefCon, 95 percent of evangelicals "reject the Creation Musuem's strange, dino-friendly version of Creationism."

Perhaps even more fascinating, only 10 percent of self-identified evangelicals say they support intelligent design.

You can download a PDF of the survey results here.


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