Thursday, March 08, 2007


Sullivan on Coulter

We have always wondered why people who are oppressed by the teaching of a particular religion continue to be members of that church. Why, we ask ourselves would women, to take but one example, want to be members of a religious faith that denies them equal rights with the men.

As hard as that phenomenon is to understand, we find it even more difficult to imagine why a person would remain a member of a political party that whips up hatred against their kind. Here we are thinking of gay Republicans. (Although black and Hispanic Republicans come to mind as well.)

Apparently, Andrew Sullivan, who is both gay and conservative, was sitting in the audience when Ann Coulter delivered her infamous anti-gay slur against John Edwards the other day.

We can't imagine why Sullivan aligns himself politically with these Neanderthals, but he has. Even so, we were struck by his eloquent and deeply felt condemnation of Coulter.

It's a must read.


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