Saturday, March 24, 2007


Our Looming Theocracy

Those readers who are concerned about the looming threat posed to our democratic form of government by those who would replace it with a theocratic form of government will be ecstatic to learn that we have a new ally in TV preacher Pat Robertson.

I know, some of you think that Robertson is part of the problem, but the man who once demanded that all school children be forced to pray to his god is now alive to the danger that they might be forced to pray to another.

The other night on his "700 Club" program, Robertson took a break from calling for the assassination of foreign leaders to warn: "... there’s no doctrine of faith that I know in any Protestant denomination that calls for the takeover of the government and making other people second-class citizens. I don’t know of one denomination, Protestant or Catholic, that has that agenda. But yet, Islam has just that agenda, that they want to take over the government and that everybody else is a second-class citizen. That is the primary doctrine of Islam.”

Some of you will undoubtedly remain unconvinced of Robertson's conversion to constitutional secularism. Perhaps you remember his 1997 speech to the Christian Coalition, where he outlined a secret plan to take control of Congress and put a “born-again” president in the White House in 2000.

You are so cynical.

Read more at Americans United.

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