Monday, March 19, 2007


Discovery Institute: If Their Lips Are Moving...

Red State Rabble has been reporting for more almost two years now that the Discovery Institute has distorted the results of a survey of doctors to make it seem that a majority of MDs support intelligent design when, in fact, more than 63 percent respond that they agree more with the evolution than with intelligent design.

Now, thanks to Dr. Michael Egnor, the man who gave brain surgery a bad name, the story is finally getting some traction.

Steve Rueland, writing on the Panda's Thumb blog notes that "the simplest way of figuring out whether the DI’s claims are accurate is with the high tech scientific technique of reading the survey results."

And, Ed Brayton, over at Dispatches from the Culture Wars weighs in here, noting that "the intellectual dishonesty doesn't stop there. In fact, the doctors surveyed were asked quite specifically whether they supported evolution or ID. Needless to say, the DI never mentions the results for that question."

This is the sort of distortion that's become the stock in trade of the intelligent design movement. If they so blatantly distort the results of a survey, how could they be trusted in any thing else they say.


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