Wednesday, March 14, 2007


The Devil's Workshop

Suddenly, Tennessee State Sen. Raymond Finney isn't sure he even wants to ask the question, but if he decides to go ahead anyway, state Attorney General Bob Cooper, says it's okay by him.

The AG says there are no constitutional problems with Finney's resolution to ask Tennessee's top education official whether a supreme being created the universe according to the Associated Press.

"While the resolution clearly appears to constitute a rhetorical device designed to advocate the teaching of creationism as an alternative to the theory of evolution, there is no indication that the resolution is intended to attack (Education Commissioner Lana Seivers) qualifications for her position," Cooper wrote.

And, the bill calls for no penalties if she should refuse to answer.

Isn't there anything Tennesseans could do to make Finney more productive -- like urge him to find employment elsewhere?


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