Friday, March 30, 2007


Beautiful Wickedness

Having attended Ed Humes informative public lecture about the Dover intelligent design trial at Johnson County Community College last night, and also having read a reaction to his speech at the Dole Center the previous night on the misnamed Reasonable Kansas blog, we've come to a startling revelation.

To the intelligent design activist, such as "For the Kids," the church lady who publishes Reasonable Kansas, coming into contact with facts is like matter coming into contact with antimatter.

The two annihilate each other.

Or perhaps we should say, since this is Kansas after all, that facts are to the intelligent design activist what water was to to the Wicked Witch of the West.

Humes book, Monkey Girl: Evolution, Education, Religion and the Battle for America's Soul, has been universally acclaimed as a balanced, fair-minded treatment of the Dover trial. In person, Humes, a Pullitzer Prize winning journalist and author, is a low-key guy who sticks close to the facts.

Yet, here is "For the Kids" reaction to his talk:

I lost it at Humes lecture...seriously.

I've listened to quite a few lectures surrounding the issues in this debate, but the lecture I sat through tonight was by far the most difficult to stomach. In fact, I had to leave my chair at one point because the guy next to me was about to get slapped.

This has ~NEVER~ happened to me before, and I've always been extremely calm at these lectures regardless of how much I disagree with the speaker.

Who would have thought that a few little facts could destroy ID's beautiful wickedness?

(We'll have more on Humes' appearance latter in the day.)


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