Sunday, July 30, 2006


Got You

Donna Viola, the moderate Republican school board candidate running in the 7th District sends along this note from a candidate forum in McPherson last Thursday:

After the forum writes Viola, a woman "approached me and said that she was sure glad she had come to this and now new she was not going to vote for me.

"She proceeded to inform me that I was very narrow minded and that I should not dictate any one specific theory. At the same time though she would on occasion say that evolution was being taught as a fact. Each time she said that I corrected her and said that it was being taught as a theory.

"Our discussion was and went towards religion. My stands on this is that it is the parents and churches responsibility to teach religion, not the school districts.

"Get this response:

"'But, the kids are not going to church and they need to get it somewhere.'

"I said 'got you.'

"Her husband intervened at that time and said she had said to much and it was time to go. He was very polite and thanked me for my comments.

"So you see this is what the ultra-conservative want. If we leave the door open on the Science Standards, boy are we in for it."


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