Tuesday, March 14, 2006


You Don't Need a Weatherman

"Sen. Sam Brownback took 10 privately funded trips last year, more than the rest of the Kansas delegation combined," according to the WE blog, where the Wichita Eagle editorial board shares opinions and observations. "All total, (sic) Brownback’s trips cost more than $21,400 -- $10,000 of which was for a charter plane and helicopter flight to religious broadcaster Pat Robertson’s 75th birthday party."

"Such travel could be banned under reforms Congress is considering following the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. But prospects of passage aren’t good -- the measure is stalled in the Senate, and some GOP House members oppose the travel ban. Big surprise."

Red State Rabble, for one, is relieved that Congress is not likely to ban Sen. Sam's privately funded trips to see televangelist Pat Robertson. You see, Robertson talks to God. He knows where God's retribution will strike next. When Brownback speaks to Robertson, he doing the rest of us a service by getting a divine weather report for the state.

Thanks to RSR reader IM for tipping us off.


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