Wednesday, March 15, 2006


UK Education Establishment Hell-bent on ID

"After the verdict went against the teaching of intelligent design in schools in Dover, Pennsylvania, you could be forgiven for thinking that the argument for teaching creationism was on the decline," writes David Perks, who has taught science for 20 years and is currently head of physics in a large comprehensive school in Tooting, South London. "However, in the UK the educational establishment seems hell-bent on introducing those very same ideas into all state schools."
Even a cursory look at the new science GCSE is enough to give anyone pause for thought. As I [Perks] have argued in the Times Educational Supplement, the new curriculum is riddled with ideas that have little to do with a formal scientific education and more to do with a sociological critique of science. It seems that the science education lobby is determined to undermine the idea that scientific knowledge has any objective basis in reality.

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