Friday, March 10, 2006


New Evidence Found for Intelligent Design

Mark Lamontia, a mechanical engineer by trade, lectured on intelligent design at Towson University in Baltimore Monday in an event sponsored by the Campus Crusade for Christ.

According to Chris Castillo of the student newspaper, The Towerlight, CCC set out about 200 chairs for the event, and about half were filled. Reportedly, many of the first audience members to arrive were members of CCC eager to hear what Lamontia had to say.

“I don’t think that intelligent design is a topic that’s spoken a lot about," Agnes Szerenyi, a freshman international business major, told the Towerlight before the event. "It’ll be great to hear from a scientific standpoint about it.”

The cell is a complex combination of proteins, Lamontia told students. It is neither a byproduct of the laws of physics, nor a random combination of amino acid sequences.

"Lamontia used such appeals to popular culture as photos of Legos, sound clips from a Bob Newhart comedy, and footage from the Super Bowl to support his argument," according to Castillo.


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