Tuesday, February 28, 2006


South Carolina Teachers Don't Suffer IDiots Gladly

Intelligent design activists and creationists, it seems, don't mind looking like idiots. The problem is, they want to make idiots of the rest of us, too. That has some teachers in South Carolina up in arms.

The South Carolina school reform oversight panel recommended last week that high school biology teachers instruct students in how to "critically analyze" evolution -- which would open the door to teaching "intelligent design" and other theories on the origin of human life, according to Bill Robinson of The State.

"This puts the biology teacher in a terrible position," said Linda Mobley, science instruction director at Richland Northeast High School.

"To critically analyze biological evolution would mean that we would have to bring up scientifically irrelevant schools of thought to disclaim the overwhelming relevant biochemistry, molecular biology, molecular genetics, behavior evidence that supports evolution.

"This makes us look like idiots."


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