Monday, February 13, 2006


Ohio ID Proponent Says: Bring it On

"If they think we are wrong, take us to court," says Ohio School Board member Michael Cochran.

But, an editorial in The Columbia Dispatch says that Cochran's attitude cavalierly puts Ohio taxpayers "on the hook for the legal costs such a lawsuit would entail."

Tellingly, 24 members from the committee that advised the state school board on the science standards back in 2001 have told Taft that the offending section ought to be removed.

They aren't Darwinist crusaders, as intelligent-design supporters say derisively; they are among the most respected scientific minds in the state. And this is not akin to censorship; it's a matter of intellectual honesty.

For the good of Ohioans and the reputation of this state, the governor should urge school-board members to do the right and honest thing.


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