Wednesday, February 15, 2006


Kansas: Local Board Set to Reject ID

"The Manhattan-Ogden School Board [Kansas] is set to accept a resolution Wednesday night that rejects the definition of science adopted by the state board of education in November," reports Leah Fliter, a staff writer for the Manhattan Mercury (reg. req).

"Supt. Bob Shannon will recommend that the local board approve the resolution — which was presented by a group of school district and university scientists — 'because I agree with them.'"

"The resolution endorses and states the definition of science that was developed by the Kansas Science Standards Revision Committee in March, 2005. That definition, although sanctioned by the majority of the revision team, was rejected by the state board. The board instead adopted a definition that deleted the word "natural" from the previous definition used in the state's science standards."

The move by the Manhattan-Ogden School Board is one more indication of the stiffening of resolve among moderates in Kansas to take education back from the right-wing radicals on the state board.


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