Saturday, February 25, 2006


ID and the Jewish Community

"... Darwinism, if accepted, makes any meaningful Judaism intellectually untenable," writes David Klinghoffer, a senior fellow at the Discovery Institute in Seattle.

"In the Jewish community," Klinghoffer asserts, "the discussion [about evolution] remains mostly primitive and ill informed. Surely this embarrassing state of affairs can be corrected," and, of course he has a suggestion for how to "advance" the discussion.

“The leadership of the American Jewish community is not committed to the belief that their ancestral religion is even true and can be defended on rational grounds,” Klinghoffer, an orthodox Jew, asserts in his book, Why the Jews Rejected Jesus: The Turning Point in Western History.

We are all by now familiar with the claims of Evangelicals that Christians who accept the overwhelming evidence for evolution can't, somehow, be good Christians. Now we hear a counter echo from Klinghoffer from within Judaism.

RSR wonders, who placed Klinghoffer and his fellow ID theorists in judgement who is, and who it not, a good Christian or Jew?


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