Thursday, February 23, 2006


God, Freedom, America, Fiscal Conservativism, and Evolution

A statement by Martha Wise, who played a pivotal role on the Ohio School Board in removing the ID-inspired "critical analysis" language from the science standards there, hasn't received much attention outside of Ohio.

RSR believes it is an interesting example of the kind of alliances supporters of quality science education are beginning to build -- the kind of alliances that must be built if we are to defeat efforts to sneak religious fundamentalism into the public schools.

As a skeptic and a squishy liberal, RSR finds that we have little in common with Ms. Wise other than our agreement that separation of church and state must be defended, and real science must be taught in science classrooms in the public schools.

While we suspect that many RSR readers will find they have little in common with Ms. Wise, as well, we urge our readers to follow the link to the read the rest of her opinion piece in the Cinncinnati Enquirer. Here's how she starts out:

I believe in God the creator. I believe in freedom. I believe in America, and the state of Ohio, and the Republican Party, fiscal conservatism, fairness and honesty.

These values guided me last week to lead the Ohio Board of Education to remove creationism from our state's Science Standards and Model Curriculum.

You may ask: Why would being a creationist make me want to remove "critical analysis"/"intelligent design" creationism from the standards? It's simple, really:

It is deeply unfair to the children of this state to mislead them about the nature of science.


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