Sunday, March 04, 2007



Is fighting against gay marriage more important -- more moral -- than doing something about climate change. Those of you who believe the human race might, if it makes the right decisions, last a little longer would probably say it's not.

Those who believe they will soon be called straight to heaven in the Rapture, that the sight of a mushroom cloud rising up over a city with a population in the millions is a cause for celebration, a truly hopeful sign of the second coming, aren't so sure.

After all, if God has planned a nuclear war to punnish us for our sins, who are we to stop him. If we, aka all the true believers, are going to be pulled out of our humdrum lives and straight up to heaven, why worry about a little thing like destruction of the planet?

A letter signed by some of the leading lights of the religious right -- James Dobson, Gary L. Bauer, Tony Perkins, and Paul Weyrich -- asks that the Rev. Richard Cizik, vice president for government affairs of the National Association of Evangelicals be asked to resign because he's investing too much time and energy trying to protect the planet from global warming.

And that takes attention away from really pressing issues, like abortion, gay marriage, and getting Republicans elected.


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