Friday, February 02, 2007


Teenager Makes Advance in Study of Human Evolution

Hermain Suhail Khan, a 17-year-old senior from Staten Island Technical High School, has come up with a method of dating reptilian teeth in order to get clues about the age of hominid fossils found nearby, report Kiawana Rich and Diane Lore in The Staten Island Advance.

"I opened a door in terms of human evolution studies," says Khan, "because not all fossils could be dated before. Now more can be dated because this method provides data that is reliable and accurate to determine fossil ages."

Khan will travel to Washington next month to compete for more than $500,000 in college scholarships as one of 40 national finalists in the prestigious Intel Science Talent Search.

Here's a 17-year-old who's already added more to the precious store of human knowledge than all the so-called creation "scientists" and intelligent design "theorists" past, present, and future.

Observation of the natural world. It's a simple concept, but so productive.


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