Monday, October 02, 2006


Rabid Dogs

Fundamentalists of a certain sort -- I have in mind those biblical literalists who are attracted to high political office, the practicioners of the mega-church business model, televangelical entrepreneurs, and theorists of the kooky pseudoscience that is creationism and intelligent design -- tend to shrink from the truth much as rabid dogs run from water.

Longtime RSR readers will already be familiar with that long, sad list of those moral worthies who feel compelled, quite often on a daily basis, to lie for Jesus. As a public service, RSR is providing yet another example culled from an editorial in the Kansas City Star titled "Kline’s campaign twists the truth:"

Senate Bill 323 — a sensible remedy for prison overcrowding — has become the mallet Attorney General Phill Kline uses to club his political opponents, in 2002 and again now.

Kline’s take on the legislation is shamelessly calculated to mislead voters. The blatant distortions don’t befit the state’s top elected legal authority.

Shamelessly calculated. Oh what a shock. But, just how shameless?

So shameless, in fact, that Kline, the born-again Republican candidate for Kansas Attorney General, has been taken to task by Kansas Sen. John Vratil of Leawood who, like Kline, is a Republican. According to the Star editorial, Vratil calls Kline "demagogic."
“He only tells part of the truth,” said Vratil, who is chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
"Frightening the public with half-baked half-truths is undignified and disrespectful of the voters," says the Star. "A champion of justice for the state of Kansas should hold himself to much higher standards."

Those who follow the link to the Star editorial will find more concrete examples of Kline's aversion to simple, unadorned truth.

As long as demagogues like Kline are around, poor skeptics like Red State Rabble have nothing to fear. If God is going to strike down anyone, we think he'll strike first at those who misuse his name for personal gain. We don't think God -- if indeed he were out there somewhere -- would take kindly to having his supposed representatives here on earth viewed by the public as calculating liars.

That sort of thing is bound to rub off sooner or later.


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