Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Apathetic Kansans

One thing that even the most dogmatic Darwinist could never argue with is that, among Americans, intelligent design and creationism are the big dogs when it comes to public opinion polls.

And the boys at Discovery aren't shy about pointing that out.

The latest bit of chest thumping from the unevolved set out in Seattle comes in a diatribe against Kansan Steve Case (more about that in a later post) written by Jonathan Wells on the Evolution News and Views blog:
"... most Christians, Jews, Muslims, deists, and even Hindus (among others) find intelligent design compatible with their faith."
And yet, in a country where almost everyone claims to be religious -- and large majorities tell pollsters they want ID and creationism taught in public schools -- intelligent design activists just can't seem to buy an election.

They lost big time in Kansas in 1999. They lost the farm in Dover last year. And they lost their majority on the Kansas school board -- again -- last August.

Of course, Wells has an excuse. The ID "theorists" always have an excuse.

It was those "apathetic Kansas voters" who "allowed the Darwinists to reclaim a majority of the Kansas State School Board," says Wells.

Now RSR is old, but it seems like only yesterday that we were being told that the voters were absolutely clamoring for creationism in the classroom. ID, it was said, was the apple of Karl Rove's eye.

Could it be that ID has passed its sell-by date? Homophobia, (or, is it the plan to build a wall on the Mexican border?) is the new, new ID. Creationism? That's so last week. Did it come before, "Segregation Now, Segregation Tomorrow, Segregation Forever," or after? We can't remember anymore.


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