Wednesday, August 09, 2006


Brad Patzer to Return to his Own Private Idaho?

RSR can't confirm this story yet, but we're hearing that Brad Patzer, the right-winger who unsuccessfully sought to inherit his mother-in-law's seat on the state school board, resigned his teaching job at Caney Valley High School last Friday and is returning to the Republic of Idaho.

Patzer, who is Iris Van Meter's son-in-law, moved to Kansas just before announcing his candidacy for the District 9 board seat.

If what we're hearing proves true it would demonstrate a touching loyalty to the Kansas school kids he claimed he wanted to help -- by teaching them the so-called controversy over evolution but denying them access to unbiased information on preventing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted disease.

During what we like to think will be his brief but passionate fling with Kansas education issues, Patzer endeared himself to many RSR readers when he informed us that he'd, "like the idea of knowing when somebody is going to be teaching my son or daughter how to put a condom on a banana."

If any of our readers can confirm this rumor, please let us know.

We'll kind of miss ol' Brad.


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