Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Groundhog Day in Ohio

The Ohio creationists and intelligent design activists on the state school board, having been dealt a setback on teaching "the controversy" over evolution have regrouped and they're back.

Supporters of science education in Ohio may be forgiven if they believe they've become Bill Murray and they're living a sort of "Groundhog Day" existence where they defeat the religious right every day only to wake up and have to do it again the next.

There is a difference this time though. Last time, the creationists wanted only to teach ID in the schools. This time they've thrown in a laundry list that includes global warming as well.

And, as long expected, it's not just about science anymore.

Colleen Grady, a Republican from suburban Cleveland who is on the board tells The Dayton Daily News, "she wants a template that could be used in science, history, social studies or any area with controversial topics."


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