Monday, June 05, 2006


Speak Designer!

Dembski won't tell you. Behe's lips are sealed. Even Casey Luskin refuses to betray the ID omertà.

In fact, until recently, the identity of the designer has been as closely held a secret as the contents of George Bush's Air National Guard personnel file, the location of those clandestine CIA prisons in Eastern Europe, or the evidence supporting intelligent design.

Now, however, if you've got just 10 minutes to spare, you can get the skinny on God and evolution from the Designer, himself. Yes, RSR can now reveal that the Designer is, in fact, a he. And, unlike Phillip Johnson, He's not shy about telling you just how he did it, either. Curious about sex? He's no prude.

Hey, want to ask the designer a question? Now, you no longer have to parse Discovery Institute news releases or Google old speeches delivered to born again audiences by ID theorists who let their guard down on home turf to get answers.

The Intelligent Designer speaks.


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