Monday, May 01, 2006


Onward Christain Soldiers

IRS Commissioner Mark Everson says "nearly three-quarters of 82 investigations by the IRS of church and charitable activity in 2004 uncovered prohibited political activity," according to the Chicago Tribune.

Tim Jones, the Tribune's national correspondent, reports that a schism has developed in Ohio's religious community following "complaints filed with the Internal Revenue Service against churches, a conservative Republican candidate for governor and a growing list of religious-based non-profit groups formed to mobilize potentially millions of Ohio churchgoers in this election year."
The confrontation has generated larger questions about the intersection of religion and partisan politics. It has also changed the tone of political discourse, suggesting the ministerial robes are coming off."

A lot of ministers won't get involved in politics because they have a neurotic need to be loved by everyone," said Rev. Russell Johnson, pastor of Fairfield Christian Church and an ardent participant in politics.

Oh my. It seems we're way past turn the other cheek.


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