Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Standards Committee Recommendations Provide New Option for Local School Boards

Recently, the Manhattan-Ogden School Board voted 6-0 to reject the science standards passed by the Kansas State Board of Education. They were the first district in the state to do so.

Last week, the Salina Jounal published an editorial that said, "[t]he Manhattan School Board did a smart thing two weeks ago when members voted to reject the definition of science adopted by the politically charged Kansas State Board of Education. The Salina School Board should follow its lead."

Although the right-wing majority on the state board of education short circuited the standards process to vote intelligent design inspired pseudoscience into the state's curriculum, members of the standards committee continued to work independently of the board and the Department of Education.

The science standards committee just finished its work -- you can read its recommendations here -- and local school boards now have a more attractive option than simply rejecting the flawed state standard.

Instead of rejecting the flawed standards approved last November, Local boards that want to prepare their children for college and jobs in the new global economy might now opt for the standards written by professional educators and scientists rather than standards written by the kooks who have taken over the board of education and now take their marching orders from right-wing fanatics at the Discovery Institute and the Intelligent Design Network.


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