Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Natural Selection: ID, Charter Schools, and Vouchers

Now that the high-fives among the radical-right majority on the Kansas State Board of Education over their vote to redefine science are over, they plan now to turn their attention to vouchers and charter schools.

At its Dec. 13 meeting, the wing-nuts on the board are expected to send recommendations to the Kansas Legislature to give "scholarships" to students to attend private schools, -- which would not have to be accredited by the state -- and to take the decision about approving charter schools away from local school boards -- where it rests now -- and give ultimate authority to the State Board.

Using tax dollars to send students to private schools, will improve public schools in the state by providing more competition, says Education Commissioner Bob Corkins.

Is RSR the only one who finds it deliciously funny that those who fight the hardest against the idea of natural selection in the biological sphere, are so hell-bent to introduce it into the economic sphere?

Privatizing education in Kansas, the board feels, will allow the state to implement the same methods that proved so successful in letting Iraq reconstruction contracts to such corporations as Halliburton, and in helping FEMA respond so successfully to Hurricane Katrina.

One added bonus: As long as tax-payer financed schools remain public, they are barred by our quaint campaign finance laws from making large donations to the politicians who regulate them. That same ban will not apply to private schools, which can become an added revenue stream.

Some may see this as a negative, but RSR sees it as a plus. Until now, Kansans have been denied the guilty pleasures enjoyed by the citizens of San Diego and Sugarland, Texas. These fortunate citizens are endlessly entertained by news reports detailing how corporations have purchased the services of their elected representatives -- such as Randy "Duke" Cunningham and Tom "The Bugman" Delay.

Once we have charter schools, we'll be able to have our own home grown scandals.


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